Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Two months old

Trotwood is two months old today. I can't believe how fast time is passing but I finally feel like I'm getting used to have another little person around. Our little boy is smiling now and we just love it. It is so much fun to see him respond to us when we try to make him smile.

I took these pictures when Trotwood was still about a month old. I know that when posting about his being two months old, I should post two month old pictures but I will do that on another post. He has so many different expressions -- most of which are serious or mad faces but we love them all!


James and Sarah Narramore said...

He is a doll! Look at those beautiful lips too!

Michelle said...

Seriously he is beautiful Aria!

Kel said...

I know you just posted that Young Master Trotwood looks just like your husband, but I see a lot of you in there too. Just like we tell everyone about our young'in when the comparisons fly... "Well, she's 50% of each of us!"

I like the backgrounds in those photos. Very nice choices. He's very precious, and I mean that literally.

Michelle said...

LOVE the pics! He is a cutie!!!