Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Falafels and King Cake

Sunday night we had some friends from church over for dinner. A few weeks ago Mr. Rochester and I found a mix for Tabbouli salad and another mix for falafels at the store. We made them successfully and enjoyed them together so we thought we would share these delicious items with some friends who had never had falafels before. I thought I would be adventurous and attempt to make some Baba Ghanoush from scratch to spread on the falafels. The recipe seemed to take forever but this it actually turned out okay and I was pretty proud of myself. (I should have taken pictures of everything but by the time I was done cooking, I was exhausted!)

Next, I decided to try making a King Cake from a recipe Mr. Rochester recently found in the newspaper. It turned out to be like one of those Pampered Chef recipes where you use the crescent rolls to make the bread. And I never remember the correct way to position the crescent roll points so Mr. Rochester ended up fixing that for me after I'd already put the filling in and realized the points were all wrong. Mr. Rochester saves the day! Despite his saving the day, our little King Cake turned out kind of sad-looking but I'm going to attempt to make another one someday, this time from SCRATCH!

After the King Cake came out to be so sad looking, I thought, "Oh, I'll try making Nasser's donuts from when I was in Jerusalem--that would be an awesome dessert!" The last few days I'd been really wanting to eat these donuts (which I have never attempted to make before). So, I started on the donuts which were going to take a long time because they have yeast in them and have to rise several times. After I left the donut dough to rise, I began falafel making, unsure if I would have enough energy to actually finish the donuts later.

The falafels weren't supposed to take long at all. It's one of those just-add-water recipes. So, I read the directions and then added the water. Unfortunately, I misread the directions and added way too much water! Luckily, we had another box and Mr. Rochester came in and saved the day AGAIN! He intervened by making the other box (correctly) and frying up some delicious falafels. We were afraid we wouldn't have enough food so I just added a bunch of flour to the falafel mix I had drowned until we had a consistency that was fry-able.

All in all, the dinner went well and I thought it was delicious. Oh, after everyone left, I did end up finishing the donuts. Mr. Rochester came to the rescue again and fried them all up for me and they were delicious...we still have a ton of them too. Donuts, anyone?


Michelle said...

Wow! I'm impressed you did that all in ONE day! Just making donuts would do me in for sure. Chad would be there in a heart beat for homemade donuts...too bad we don't live closer!

Becki Becki Bo Becki said...

Sounds yummy!

Mike said...

I am down for some donuts...where should I meet you to get them!?! I have never had falafels either...but they sound interesting.

Natalie R. said...

That's amazing that you did all that cooking, good job!

On a random note, my mom took me to see a local production of "Jane Eyre, The Musical" last week and I kept thinking about your blog every time Mr. Rochester came on the stage. It was pretty funny. ;0)