Monday, February 9, 2009

BBQ Ribs

I love southern barbeque but I've never been much of a "ribs" kind of girl. Usually, I order a pulled pork sandwich or loaded potato with pulled pork on it or something like that. Whenever I've tasted or ordered ribs from a southern BBQ place, they are always a little fatty. Oh, I have this weird thing about meat and textures. The texture of fat, gristle, or anything else that isn't a normal "meat" texture grosses me out and I can't eat it. Often when I've tried eating ribs, I just haven't been certain of what I'm biting into. Rib meat, yes, but there are all these "other" textures in there as well. So, mostly, I've steered clear of ribs.

Let me tell you about these ribs I ate that were out of this world. Several months ago, (I figured out how many months--it was last July--and I briefly mentioned the deliciousness of these ribs in a July blog!) Mr. Rochester and I visited our friends Mike & Desiree and Mike made the most fantastic ribs I've ever had in my life. When I first heard we were having ribs that day, I was a little worried that I'd have to nibble on one and just eat whatever sides we had because I was thinking "Gross. Ribs. Fat and gristle." After I nibbled on one, I scarfed down several more and cleaned them to the bone. I'm not really sure what Mike did to the ribs that made them so good--perhaps he is just a professional chef! The ribs weren't fatty and they were cooked to perfection (in my opinion). I think he told me that he used babyback ribs and grilled them for some great length of time basting them periodically in Corky's BBQ sauce. I want to tell you, Mike, I've been thinking about those ribs ever since we ate them at your place 7 months ago. Mr. Rochester can attest to that fact. I think we should have another rib-fest soon because I have not been able to get those delicious ribs out of my head!


James and Sarah Narramore said... are funny! Have you ever tried the ribs at Texas Roadhouse?!?! They are my favorite EVER! Although, I have never had homemade ribs.

Candy Fam said...

I like pork ribs because there seems to be more *meat* on them. :) We will have to try some when we come. :)

Mike said...

Aria, I am so happy. This blog has almost made my week (I got an entire day off with Desi on this makes a close second...). I am always worried about my cooking and I am rarely satisfied with the results. I will be more than happy to put some ribs on the grill and whip up some BBQ beans....