Monday, December 8, 2008

White Elephant

So, what exactly does the term, "white elephant" mean to you? To me, it involves an exchange of hilarious, second-hand Christmas gifts. You don't go out and buy something new to give to someone at a "white elephant" gift exchange. If you did, then that would just be a plain "gift exchange". At my workplace last Christmas, the administrative support group did a white elephant gift exchange together and by the time the exchange was over, most of us participating were in tears because of some of the hilarious gifts we gave to each other. I honored someone with the gift of a mini "Christ of the Ozarks" statue that someone had given me a long time ago. Because it was such a random thing to give, the gift was a hit, and I'd LOVE to hear if this was re-gifted this year if my old place of employment is doing a white elephant gift exchange.

Anyway, this past week at church, we had our Relief Society Christmas Dinner and the invitation to the dinner said, "White Elephant Gift Exchange (No more than $5). Because of my understanding of the term "White Elephant", I brought this absolutely hideous craft kit that came with the sewing machine my mom gave me a few years ago. It was a kit to help you learn how to sew this dark denim blue shoulder bag that had a big yellow star on it and maybe a red apple...eww. So, I thought this would be really funny to give to someone as a white elephant gift. And I think it did have a funny effect. However, most people gave things like candles or candy for their white elephant my opinion, not a true white elephant, people! I think there were only a few true white elephant gifts given that night and mine was definitely one of them. From this experience, I have learned my lesson--when you have a church activity and the invitation says "White Elephant" that really just means gift exchange.

On another note, I wanted to let everyone know that I found out I passed the written Foreign Service Officer Exam! I just found today and I am...dumbfounded, actually. I really didn't expect to pass. Now, some committee will review my application along with my test scores to determine if I qualify to take the next examination, which is an oral examination. I should find out if I qualify sometime in February. Anyway, I'm just happy I passed the written part--it gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling. hee hee


James and Sarah Narramore said...

Congrats on passing your test! :) I bet that made you day to hear that. About the white-elephant; I completely agree with you. It is a gift you got or some random thing you have that you don't use at home. Or something completely retarded and goofy. James (my husband) said one year at a white elephant he got these huge granny panties. bahaha

Amber said...

I'm so proud that you passed the exam! Can't wait til Feb to hear if you get to go forward in the process. Obviously you will because you're awesome.

We had Dirty Santa at my old work, and everyone got real gifts. One woman didn't realize that and brought a basket full of moon pies. Oops!

Shells said...

Congratulations on passing the exam. That is so awesome.

Okay,so I have to tell you about the-- I'm not exactly sure whether to call it the "best" or "worst" white elephant gift. We had an extended family white elephant gift exchange. My brand spankin new brother in law grabbed a gift that contained a partially used bottle of breast cream and a video on proper nursing techniques. His face was so red. I was single at the time, so the gift was definately NOT from me.

Michelle said...

Congrats Aria! That is so exciting! You will have to keep me updated for sure! Yes this summer we are going to play'll be my only friend left in the midwest! :) I agree that white elephant gifts are suppose to be random junk from your house. :)

Desiree said...

I am so happy for you aria!!!! Oh and I totally agree on the white elephant thing. I love it when people really know what it is and it can be the most fun experience. Oh well. I will let mike know you passed