Sunday, November 30, 2008


I saw gas for $1.59 here yesterday. Wow. I can't believe how cheap gas is now. Although I know low gas prices do not reflect a healthy economy, I can't help but be grateful for cheap gas, especially when I still don't have a full-time job.

Mr. Rochester and I had a nice Thanksgiving. For the past few years when we've been out on our own, we've gone to Cracker Barrell and enjoyed their delicious Thanksgiving fixins. We'd kind of made that a tradition and going somewhere else for our meal gave us the rest of the day to enjoy (with no food preparation and clean-up!). However, this year we decided to join my husband's family to celebrate the holiday. Mr. Rochester's parents are really into camping and own a nice, big camper and for the past few years during the Thanksgiving holiday, they have gone camping. So, we joined them at a campsite on the edge of a lake and ate our Thanksgiving dinner on a picnic table. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and I was amazed at how my mother and father-in-law could prepare an entire Thanksgiving meal in the woods! That is talent, if you ask me!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Isang Pelikula

This past Saturday, Mr. Rochester and I made a trip to the movies! Yes, we actually went to the movie theater. The last movie we went to see at the theater was the new Batman movie in the summer. We usually just rent movies from Red Box and watch them at home on the weekends. I like doing this because it is cheaper, I can stop the movie to get a drink or use the bathroom, and I can watch the movie in my pajamas. Win-win-win. However, it is nice to actually go out sometimes too, especially to see a good action movie or one we've been looking forward to for awhile. What movie did we see this time? Well, I wanted to see if we could make it to see a showing of Twilight (Mr. Rochester was ecstatic), but I was not so naive to expect that we could actually get tickets or a decent seat to see the movie since it just came out. So we made a pretty good back-up plan to see the new James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace, that was playing about the same time. Of course, Twilight, was sold out so we did end up seeing the James Bond movie and I absolutely loved it. Mr. Rochester and I have really enjoyed the new James Bond movies--James Bond's character is played by Daniel Craig. Both Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace have more action and less womanizing than the traditional James Bond movies. The plots in both movies are complicated but keep you engaged in wondering what is going to happen next. I can definitely say that I was not disappointed in the movie and it was worth going to the theater to see.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Nice weather

I took these pictures a week or so ago. We have had the most beautiful fall here and the most beautiful weather! I can't believe how warm it has been up until the last few days. I just love all the colors of fall. It is one of my favorite seasons. Next year I'm going to make sure and take more than just two pictures of the beautiful colors.

The last few days have given us some cold and rainy weather. Although I loved the warm weather, I am glad it is starting to get cooler because, hello, it's NOVEMBER. Finally, it is starting to be "steamer" weather. You may be asking yourself, what is a steamer? Well, I will tell you. If you like milk, a steamer is the most delicious concoction that you can drink during the cold winter months. It is basically just hot milk, steamed and frothed, with some sort of flavoring in it, topped with whipped cream. I know it sounds gross--ew, hot milk, right? But seriously, steamers are so yummy. Just get the picture out of your head of an elderly person drinking a glass of hot milk before retiring to bed because really, it's not like that...steamers are tasty and frothy.

During the past few winters, Mr. Rochester and I used to go to the Starbucks in Barnes & Noble and get steamers to drink. We both love to read, so somehow most weekends we'd end up at Barnes & Noble and peruse the books there. After awhile, we thought it would be nice (and cheaper) to find a machine that could make steamers in the comfort of our own home because sometimes you really want a steamy, hot, delicious drink but you don't want to go anywhere to get it. Hot chocolate gets boring and can be really sweet and Mr. Rochester and I are both non-coffee/tea drinkers. So, to us, a steamer is sort of like a luxury-type drink. Anyway, we searched high and low last year for something to make steamers with and finally came across the Cocoa Latte machine. Mr. Rochester purchased the Cocoa Latte for me last Christmas and it has worked beautifully since. After you pour the milk in the Cocoa Latte, you add a small amount of syrup (we like to use the Torani syrups when we can find them -- you can find many of them on Amazon but we have yet to order a great variety of them) and, voila, you have a hot, steamy, tasty steamer. Our favorite flavors right now are Pumpkin Spice and Peppermint (as separate drinks, of course). Anyway, steamers are something we really enjoy during the winter and we are always glad to share them with friends when we see them...I think I'll go enjoy a steamer right now.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Two Firsts...

Last Thursday, Mr. Rochester needed a haircut and he kept asking me to do it for him. I've never cut anyone's hair in my entire life and I certainly didn't want create any marital strife by giving my husband a bad haircut. After making sure my husband understood that I knew absolutely nothing about cutting hair, he said, "Oh, you'll do fine" and went to class. I had about an hour to browse the internet on how to cut men's hair before he returned from class expecting to get his hair cut. The internet did not teach me a whole lot and in the end, I just said a little prayer and had Mr. Rochester hold up a mirror so he could see what I was doing. Basically, I just gave him a trim on the sides and in the back and although I know this is such a little thing, I was proud of myself for not butchering his hair. That's not to say I won't butcher it next time when he wants another haircut but I'll do my best. I would have posted a picture but it really was just a trim and it doesn't look that much different.

My second first is that last week I registered to take the U.S. Foreign Service Officer Test and I am taking it this Wednesday. This is something I've always wanted to do but I've just never done it. The test is free and I think working for the Foreign Service could possibly be my dream job. The test is supposed to be really hard to pass and although I hope to pass it, I don't expect to pass it (especially the first time I take it) but it will definitely give me a good idea of what to expect the next time I take it (if I decide to take it again). Anyone who is curious about becoming a Foreign Service Officer or about the test can find out about it here.