Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween! Mr. Rochester and I don't really have any plans for tonight. We have candy to give out to trick-or-treaters and in the event that no trick-or-treaters show up, we have a disposal plan for the candy (that involves expanding waistlines for us both). We plan on watching Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas at some point this evening and other than that we will probably just end up relaxing.

This morning we did our civic duty at the county clerk's office and I just wanted to remind everyone to make sure to go out and VOTE. It is so exciting to think that in less than a week, we will know who the new U.S. President will be!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Not just any potato

This past weekend, Mr. Rochester and I paid a visit to his hometown to visit family and friends. Every time we visit Arkadelphia, I make it a point to stop at this little barbeque stand called Allens. I absolutely love their "Ultimate Potato". They call it their "Ultimate Potato" because it is an enormous potato topped with their baked beans, coleslaw, cheddar cheese, barbeque meat (I always choose pork) and barbeque sauce. It is amazing. Not only is their barbeque sauce and meat to die for, but so is their coleslaw and baked beans which makes their potato so good it's worth singing about--maybe someday I will write a potato song! This potato is probably one of my most favorite things to eat and although I have searched high and low for its duplicate, I have been unable to find (or create one) as good as Allens. So here is a picture of me about to enjoy my Ultimate Potato.

(If you ever happen to be anywhere in the near vicinity of Arkadelphia, I highly suggest stopping by Allens--it is definitely worth going out of your way for.)

Food all aside, we had a wonderful time visiting with Mr. Rochester's family and friends and especially enjoyed celebrating M.T.'s birthday with him and his family. While at Mr. Rochester's parent's house, we found a VHS copy of Mr. Boogedy and started watching it. We did not get to finish it and wanted to try to copy it to a DVD but we ran out of time. One of these days, I'm going to relive some of my "Disney Sunday Movie" days.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

No dice

Well, I did not get the job that I recently interviewed for with the Corporate Giving Office of that big corporation in this area. I have to say I am so tired of applying for jobs now! We just moved here in July but I have been looking for a job in this area since May and I have had only had one interview (this recent one) and did not get that job. I bet I have applied for over 100 jobs now since May. I seriously never thought it would be this difficult to get a job. While working in the University's HR office as a temporary employee, there were two jobs I could have applied for and probably would have been offered one (since I was already doing the job) but I didn't want to work in HR so I did not apply. I actually felt like something better was going to come along for me that I would enjoy and thought that it could have been the corporate giving job. Now I am almost kicking myself for not applying for the HR positions! Working in HR would have been better than no job which is what I will have after Friday because the position that I have been working in as a temp has been filled. I feel like the only job anyone will possibly consider me for right now is a secretarial job and I do NOT want to do that anymore.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Genealogy, I am doing it!

Okay, for all of you LDS people out there, the Church has a really cool, new family search website. You can find it here. To register, you have to enter your membership number and your confirmation date which will create your account. This is an awesome website and it has made doing genealogy and temple work so much easier--instead of the 15 or so steps it took to get names temple ready, there are only three, yes, three steps now! For anyone curious about LDS temples and temple work, you can read about it here. I've been playing around on the website for the last five hours adding and finding relatives that are in my PAF file and combining duplicate files. Combining the duplicate names is work that really needs to get done since so many duplicates have been submitted for temple work. If you spend some time on this new website, you can really help get rid of the duplicates--just make sure when you combine names that you are combining duplicates. When you search for one of your ancestors, you can only find deceased ancestors which means you have to manually enter in any of your living relatives. If any of my siblings or family members want to link into what I've already done you'll have to add me as a sibling and then add a child for me. Do a search for our deceased daughter (enter her first, middle, and last name) and that will link you up to me and Mr. Rochester and should link you up to our living relatives that I have already entered. Anyway, it's a really great tool and I just wanted everyone to know how easy it is to use.

Friday, October 17, 2008

B is for...

...Banjo! Yes, Mr. Rochester and I finally bought a banjo! We've been talking about buying one for years and well, a few weeks ago, we decided to just go ahead and do it. Mr. Rochester had a gift card to Guitar Center that was about to expire and we had several rebate Visa cards that we got from opening up new cell phone accounts, buying a washer & dryer, etc. We only spent about $40 of our own money on the banjo. We thought it was a steal. Of course, we probably should have been responsible and used the rebate cards on food, etc. but we decided to go ahead and get the banjo instead. And it has been so much fun! I just love the sound of the banjo--it's so bluegrass! My fingers are sore from practicing because I'm out of practice playing the guitar and my callouses are all gone. I also think it would be fun to play the fiddle although I'm not sure if I'll ever take that one up but...who knows!?

I still haven't heard back about my second interview. I am thinking that I did not get the job since it's been a week and a half and I haven't heard anything. Some people have been telling me that this organization just takes a long time to hire, etc. but I think if they really needed someone, they would have decided shortly after the second interview and called to make the offer. In the meantime, I continue the job search!

Friday, October 10, 2008


Halloween is one of Mr. Rochester's favorite holidays. I like it too, but he really likes Halloween. Since Mr. Rochester and I have been married, we've tried to start creating our own little family traditions. Around Halloween time we've decided to watch our favorite Halloween movies, especially those scary kid-type movies we liked when we were younger. One of my favorites was Disney's Escape to Witch Mountain made back in 1975. And believe it or not, I actually found (and purchased) this movie on DVD at Best Buy the other day! The movie really has nothing to do with Halloween, it just feels like one of those movies you should watch around Halloween. Other movies we liked as kids that we want to acquire someday include Hocus Pocus, Mr. Boogedy, Bride of Boogedy, & Bedknobs & Broomsticks. I also used to love that series Are You Afraid of the Dark that was shown on Nickelodean in the 90s--I wonder if I watched it today if I would think it was any good...

When we were dating I found out that Mr. Rochester really liked Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. After we were married, I thought I'd surprise him with the DVD for Christmas one year. Much to my dismay, at the time I tried to purchase this movie, it happened to be one that Disney had locked away in their secret vault of movies. You could buy the DVD online but only from Amazon or Ebay for a ridiculous price. One day I found it on Ebay for only $10 and I thought, "Ooh, what a steal!" So, I quickly purchased the DVD and congratulated myself on having found such a great bargain. Then I waited for it to arrive...and waited...and waited some more. It seemed the DVD was taking an unnaturally long time to get to our home. During this waiting period I found out that I'd purchased the movie from someone in China and they were no longer a seller on Ebay. After learning that, I pretty much gave up on ever seeing the DVD from China. However, much to my surprise, after about 3 weeks the DVD did show up in the mail. Unfortunately, it was a ripped of copy of The Nightmare Before Christmas and the DVD format wouldn't work in our DVD player (although we have recently discovered it will play on our laptop). I have since learned my lesson and become more cautious of who I buy from on Ebay. With the help of a friend, I recently found a legitimate copy of the DVD on Amazon. Ironically, two months after I purchased that DVD, the digitally remastered version of The Nightmare Before Christmas was released from the Disney vault.

Interview update--On Tuesday, I had a second interview for the corporate giving job. I think it went okay and they said I should find out something in the next two weeks. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed and just trying to have faith that if this doesn't work out then something else will!