Friday, July 11, 2008

Go Bees!

Yesterday, Mr. Rochester and I attended a Bees game. We have been wanting to go to one of the games since we've been here and I got some free game and meal tickets through work. So we had a splendid evening of hot dog eating and watching baseball. It was actually very fun. The game started at 7 p.m. so after about an hour, it started to get cooler. We stayed until the beginning of the 9th inning and I actually enjoyed myself! When we left, the Bees were about 5 runs ahead so I'm guessing they won. During the game, Mr. Rochester and I would cheer when the Bees scored. Sometime during our game cheering, Mr. Rochester, a huge Dodgers fan, remembered that the Bees were actually a minor league team for the LA Angels. After that recollection, he toned down his cheering. Apparently there is a bit of a sore spot between LA Dodger fans and LA Angels fans. The LA Angels are actually the LA Angels of Anaheim...I know, doesn't make much sense to me either.
Today was also Mr. Rochester's last day at work. While I will continue to work hard at my job next week, he will be working hard to finish up our packing and load our moving truck. Friday is the day for our big move. I'm planning on going to work until about 2 p.m. that day. At that point Mr. Rochester will pick me up and whisk us away on our cross country journey!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Nike + Ipod

About a year and a half ago, Mr. Rochester gave me an Ipod Nano for Christmas almost exactly like this one, except it was an older model (but still RED). A short time before that, someone in the Nike or Ipod business had come up with this genius idea to market Nike shoes and Ipods together. Thus, the Nike + Ipod microchip was born. The Nike+ shoes specifically are made to fit the microchip under the sole of one of the shoes. The microchip you put in your shoe has a wireless connection to the part that you plug into your Ipod. So, in order to use the Nike+Ipod chip you have to own an Ipod and a pair of Nike+ shoes (not just any Nike shoes).

After getting my Ipod Nano, we found some affordable Nike+ shoes at a discount store. Then we purchased the microchip which is about $30. Recently, I started attempting to run again and dug up my Nike+ shoes and the microchip. I really like running with the microchip. You can set your workout to a certain time or distance limit and as you progress through your workout, a voice will come on over the music and tell you things like how far you've gone or how far you have left to go. You can program a "Power Song" to come on to pump you up when your speed starts dragging. It really is a helpful little tool to have when jogging and I find myself always looking at my statistics after I run to see the difference in my workouts. You can also upload all your workout information online and keep track of how many miles you go, etc. Anyway, it's just a really neat and useful thing to have if you are trying to get in shape through jogging.

I've never been very good at jogging and whenever I try to start jogging again, I always use this 10 Week Training Plan to build up my endurance. As long as I stick to it, I have been able to build up the endurance I need to run 30 minutes without stopping, which for me is always an accomplishment! Here is the plan I use for anyone who is interested:
Suggested workout days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday; Rest days: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
Week 1: Run 2 Minutes, Walk 4 Minutes - Repeat 5 times
Week 2: Run 3 Minutes, Walk 3 Minutes - Repeat 5 times
Week 3: Run 5 Minutes, Walk 2.5 Minutes - Repeat 4 times
Week 4: Run 7 Minutes, Walk 3 Minutes - Repeat 3 times
Week 5: Run 8 Minutes, Walk 2 Minutes - Repeat 3 times
Week 6: Run 9 Minutes, Walk 2 Minutes - Repeat twice, then run 8 minutes
Week 7: Run 9 Minutes, Walk 1 Minute - Repeat 3 times
Week 8: Run 13 Minutes, Walk 2 Minutes - Repeat 2 times
Week 9: Run 14 Minutes, Walk 1 Minute - Repeat 2 times
Week 10: Run 30 Minutes
If you feel tired after Week 9, repeat this week of training before moving onto Week 10. Also, if you have been sedentary before starting this program, walking 20 minutes for four days and then 30 minutes for the next four days is suggested to help get your legs ready.